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Classic Ads  Chrysler Automobile Vintage Classic Advertisements 1930 - 1939
Chrysler Automobile
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1934 Chrysler Airflow 4-Door Sedan

1934 Chrysler Airflow 4-Door Sedan


The Most Sporting Thing on Wheels!

HERE'S something to try I Just slip behind the wheel of a Chrysler Airflow* Imperial and unleash 130 horsepower in history's most efficient motor car! The wind tunnel proves what Chrysler Airflow does for speed and fuel saving. But you can easily prove for yourself what Airflow gives in astonishing new driving sensations. Floating Ride ... new weight distribution? Well, just pick out the doggondest road you can find . . . or a rut-bitten detour or two! Write your own answer. Get a nice open spot and step on that accelerator. Watch the automatic overdrive change gear ratios for you as you pass forty ... cutting engine speed one-third! Whip that speedometer needle around until it flirts with the hund red mark ... even there, the engine is on y turning about 34 00 . .. as quietly as the conventional engine at 60 miles per hour. It's a little like sailing an ice boat . . . but there's no wind roar . . . and the whole business is as comfortable as sitting in your own library. For the first time in years, a car ride really becomes an adventure. Try it for yourself. see if you don't agree! Write for the interesting booklet which describes the romantic development of Floating Ride. Address the Chrysler Sales Corporation, 12193 East Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, Michigan.


Size (10 3/4 X 13 1/8 INCHES) (27.3 X 33.3 CM)
Grading - Excellent
Availability - 1 in stock
Price - $20.00
Magazine: Fortune Magazine
Publishing Date: April, 1934

Shipping and handling fees - verify postal code
Catalog ID: chrysler00107

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1934 Chrysler Airflow 4-Door Sedan

1934 Chrysler Airflow 4-Door Sedan



When you say Chrysler you say Performance

SO MARKED is the difference between Chrysler performance and all other performance, that in appraising other cars, the motorminded generally use Chrysler as the standard of comparison.

Chrysler began, five years ago, with smoothness, speed and acceleration which, at one single stroke, obsoleted all previous conceptions of what motor car performance ought to be.

All phases of Chrysler designing and engineering are carried out with absolute precision and balance - with the inclusion of new ideas, new refinements and new simplicities, growing out of endless research and a fixed habit of advanced thinking.

Furthermore, Chrysler durability and long life have been demonstrated in the hands of hundreds of thousands of owners through millions of miles of economical operation.

And all of these things-performance, long life and economy of upkeep, together with Chrysler's individual beauty and style -are available in Chrysler "75" and "65" at far lower prices than in other makes of cars which seek to compete with Chrysler quality.


Size (10 3/8 X 13 5/8 INCHES) (26.4 X 34.6 CM)
Grading - Excellent
Availability - 1 in stock
Price - $20.00
Magazine: Country Gentleman
Publishing Date: April, 1934

Shipping and handling fees - verify postal code
Catalog ID: chrysler00106

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1937 Chrysler Imperial 4-Door Touring Sedan

1937 Chrysler Imperial 4-Door Touring Sedan



* BEST RIDING EIGHT IN ITS Field! You expect superb comfort in a car that bears the proud Imperial name and you get it! It comes from a matchless combination offactors: The long wheelbase of 1 2 1 inches. Scientific weight distribution , which Chrysler pioneered and has developed most highly. Independently sprung front wheels. Aero Hydraulic Shock Absorbers that operate like the landing mechanism of a giant transport plane!

* BIG ... YET NIMBLE AND EASY TO HANDLE! The Imperial name has always stood for impressive size and performance. And the 1937 Imperial is big and able steady and sure-footed on any road. Yet it's as quick and responsive as a polo pony ... flashes quickly out of traffic emergencies ... steers and parks with nimble ease. Of all the great Chrysler Imperials of history, the 1937 Imperial is the most delightfully effortless to drive.

* BAlANCED EIGHT·CYLINDER ENGINE WITH flOATING POWER! Chrysler has built its finest eightcylinder engines for the famous Imperials. And the 1937 Imperial engine tops them all. It has 110 horsepower ... dual carburetion for economy and flexibility Floating Power for velvety smoothness. Today, it doesn't require $3 ,000 to enjoy Imperial performance. This great car is new in the medium· price field.

Size (10 1/4 X 13 3/4 INCHES) (26 X 34.9 CM)
Grading - Excellent
Availability - 1 in stock
Price - $20.00
Magazine: The Saturday Evening Post
Publishing Date: June 26, 1937

Shipping and handling fees - verify postal code
Catalog ID: chrysler00105

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1938 Chrysler Royal 4-Door Touring Sedan

1938 Chrysler Royal 4-Door Touring Sedan


All are yours at surprisingly low costs in THE GREAT Chrysler Royal!

LOOK at the proud, commanding beauty of the big Chrysler Royal pictured below! It's built to Chrysler's top-ranking standards. A remarkable big, roomy Chrysler ... 119-inch wheelbase ... 49-inch rear seat ... 95 3/4 inches long inside, from windshield to rear window! An alert performer ... big co Gold Seal" Engine with surging power is silky-smooth with Floating Power engine mountings. In Chrysler Royal you get rubber-mounted safety steel bodies . . . time-tested hydraulic brakes •.. and all the other fine features of Chrysler Engineering that mean long life and low upkeep. Because Chrysler Royal is so big, powerful and luxurious some people think it must be priced 'way high. Actually Chrysler Royal prices start just a step above the lowest-priced field. See the Chrysler Royal at your nearest ChryslerPlymouth dealer's. Check its price. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much more you get for so little extra. See and drive a Chrysler Royal today!

LUXURY WITHOUT EXTRA VAGANCE ! Get more "thrill" from motoring-without abusing your budget. Get a ChrysLer RoyaL and enjoy its greater size comfort and room !

• Extra head room ••• elbow room and leg room.
• Famous Chrysler "Floating Ride" made
possible by long, soft Amola steel springs
and four big airplane-type Hydraulic ShockAbsorbers.
• Chrysler Equal-Pressure Hydraulic Brakes.
• Safety-All-Steel Body.
• Safety Plate Glass in ALL Windows • E Advanced Weight Distribution ... "ChairHeight" seats ... Hypoid Rear Axle ... low level floors

Size (10 5/8 X 14 3/4 INCHES) (27 X 37.5 CM)
Grading - (Taped badly, some stains)
Availability - 1 in stock
Price - $15.00
Magazine: Star Weekly
Publishing Date: May 21, 1938

Shipping and handling fees - verify postal code
Catalog ID: chrysler00104

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1961 Ford Galaxie Club Victoria

Click on image to enlarge

1939 Chrysler Royal & Chrysler Imperial


For 1939
Be Modern - Buy Chrysler!



Size (21 3/8 X 13 3/4 INCHES) (54.3 X 34.9 CM)
Grading - Excellent (Split)
Availability - 1 in stock
Price - $30.00
Magazine: The Saturday Evening Post
Publishing Date: November 12, 1939

Shipping and handling fees - verify postal code
Catalog ID: chrysler00103

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