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Classic Ads  Bizarre, Unusual and Unforgettable Ads
A framed collectible vintage ad from Ads Classics

February 1923


Using the exhaust gas of the automobile to clean the upholstery is the accomplishment of a recently invented device. An aluminum attachment is fastened to the exhaust pipe and the engine is allowed to idle.

As the exhaust gas passes through this device suction is created at the inlet hole. Collected by a nozzle, the dust and dirt are drawn through the hose and expelled into the air at the rear of the car.

It is made in three models, for cars of different size.

With the car's engine idling, gas from the exhaust creates a vacuum that cleans the cushions.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT! This is a real car ad.


A framed collectible vintage ad from Ads Classics


Even the Surgeon General Smokes Camel

Remember a time when smoking was considered sexy and healthy instead of deadly?.


More Doctors Smoke CAMELS than any other cigarette!

A framed collectible vintage ad from Ads Classics


Sanitized Tape Worms in a Jar

Remember a time when diets even meant swallowing tape worms to help you lose weight.

Believe it or not!

"FAT", the ENEMY that is shattering your life BANISHED. Sanitized TAPE WORMS - Jar Packed.

A framed collectible vintage ad from Ads Classics


President Reagan Please!

Remember a time when the President of the USA sent his friends cigarettes for Christmas.

Merry Christmas Mr. President...

I'M SENDING CHESTERFIELDS to all my friends. That's the merriest Christmas any smoker can have. Chesterfield mildness plus no unpleasant after-taste.

Ronald Reagan

A framed collectible vintage ad from Ads Classics

February 1960'S

Senile Agitation - What!

A picture of a beloved elder coming to hit you. What kind of message was this giving to the young ones.

Good grief give me a break!

THORAZINE can control the agitated and beligerant senile and help the patient live a composed and usefull life.

A framed collectible vintage ad from Ads Classics


Pears' Soap

In the old days our ancestors used to make their own soap.

Scare tactic advertising. Buy our soap and prevent a child burning to death or suffering third degree burns

What marketing genius thought of this one.


A framed collectible vintage ad from Ads Classics


Gillette Safety - Safe enough for a baby.

In the old days if you can convince people that it's safe enough for a baby than everyone bought your product.

It must of worked because Gillette is one hell of a big company today.

No comment...


A framed collectible vintage ad from Ads Classics


Lucky Strike - Ho Ho Ho

And a merry christmas to you too.

Luckies a light smoke of rich, ripe bodied tobacco - it's toasted.

Santa Claus should know.


A framed collectible vintage ad from Ads Classics


Pall Mall - Santa see Santa do .

Is there a better way to get the youth addicted?

No comment...


Aunt Jemima "I'se In Town Honey"


Aunt Jemima - Sho' sets folks singin'!

It was founded in 1889, and 100 years later, "the image of Aunt Jemima was updated by removing her headband and giving her pearl earrings and a lace collar." But what about the image of Aunt Jemima, say, six or seven decades ago?

We dug through the archives for some classic Aunt Jemima ads from the 1940s, and it's true what they say: "Happifyin' Aunt Jemima Pancakes Sho' Sets Folks Singin'!" and "I'se In Town Honey!"

No comment... We'll let you decide.

Aunt Jemima has a rich history spanning over 115 years.
Chris Rutt and Charles Underwood of the Pearl Milling Company developed Aunt Jemima, the first ready mix.
R.T. Davis purchased the struggling Aunt Jemima Manufacturing Company. He then brought the Aunt Jemima character to life when he hired Nancy Green as his spokeswoman.
The image of Aunt Jemima was so popular that the company was renamed the Aunt Jemima Mills Company.
The Quaker Oats Company purchased the Aunt Jemima Mills Company.
For the Chicago World’s Fair in 1933, the advertising planners decided to bring the Aunt Jemima character back to life. They hired Anna Robinson, described as a large, gregarious woman with the face of an angel. She traveled the country promoting Aunt Jemima until her death in 1951.
Quaker’s first registration of the Aunt Jemima trademark occurred in April, 1937.
From the mid 1950’s until the late 1960’s Aylene Lewis was hired to portray Aunt Jemima at the Aunt Jemima restaurant in the newly opened Disneyland.
Heroine Advertisement

Date unknown


From 1898 through to 1910 HEROIN was marketed as a non-addictive morphine subsitute and cough medicine for children.

Bayer marketed heroin as a cure for morphine addiction before it was discovered that heroin is converted to morphine when metabolized in the liver, and as such, “heroin” was basically only a quicker acting form of morphine. The company was somewhat embarrassed by this new finding and it became a historical blunder for Bayer.

Bayer AG is a massive German based chemicals and pharmaceuticals manufacturer. It has operations in most countries worldwide and after a controversial year in 2004 posted a net loss of $1,361,000,000.00.

As a major player in 4 controversial sectors for over 125 years Bayer has a distinguished history of corporate crimes, ranging from the manufacture and sale of controversial drugs (Heroin, Ciproxin and Baycol), the development of chemical warfare agents and poisons (Chlorine Gas, Zyklon B and VX), the use of forced labour during WW2, and numerous cases of poisoning, lethal side-effects and environmental pollution connected to its chemical and pharmaceutical products.

In December 2001, Multinational Monitor rated Bayer AG as one of their Top Ten Worst Companies of the year. In December 2003, Alternet ranked Bayer as one of 'The 10 Worst Corporations of 2003'.
Vintage Venereal Desease Ad

Date unknown

PROPHYLAXIS Presents Venereal Disease

You may thin she's just you "gal" But She may be Everyone's Pal.

At least they made their point.

The term prophylaxis refers to medical or public health measures taken in order to prevent disease or health problems, rather than to treat or cure an existing condition. Prophylaxis is also a way to stem an outbreak of disease, or minimize the symptoms of someone who has been exposed to a disease or virus.

Iodized Salt


Iodized Salt


Goiter can be caused when the thyroid gland swells because of a lack of iodine in the diet. Most medical advise now states that iodine in salt is no longer necessary due to our food sources arising from all over the world.

I guess they had the right idea...

Iver Johnson Revolver Ad


Iver Johnson Revolvers

There not toys: they shot straight and kill. You may need one only once in your lifetime: buy now. so you will have it at that time.

Papa says it won't hurt us. ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE IMPOSSIBLE.

A child in bed with a revolver in her hand. Believe it or not...

Coca-Cola It relieves Exhaustion


1902 Coca-Cola advertisement


1902 Coca-Cola advertisement

When the BRAIN is running under full pressure, send down to the FOUNTAIN for a glass of Coca-Cola you will be surprized how quickly it will ease the Tired Brain -- soothe the Rattled Nerves and restore Wasted Energy to both Mind and Body.

It enables the entire system to readily cope with the strain of any excessive demands made upon it.



Coca-Cola Intellectual Beverage




For Soda Water and other Carbonated Beverages.

This "Intellectual Beverage" and Temperance Drink contains the valuable Tonic and Nerve Stimulant properties of the Coca plant and Cola (or Kola) nuts, and makes not only a delicious, exhilarating. refreshing and invigorating Beverage, (dispensed from the soda water fountain or in other corbonated beverages), but a valuable Brain Tonic, and a cure for all nervous affections - SICK, HEAD-ACHE, NEURALGIA, HYSTERIA, MERLANCHOLY.

The peculiar flavor of COCA-COLA delights every palate: it is dispensed from the soda fountain in same manner as any of the fruit syrups.

J. L. Permberton - Chemist - Sole Proprietor Atlantam Ga.

All Classic Ads